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  Registration for ŁOSOSINA DOLNA event ONLY.  

To register to F5J World Cup & Eurotour 2020 at Łososina Dolna please fill ALL data and press „Submit” button. In case of any problem please contact by e-mail or phone as described in Bulletin #1

First Name *

Family Name *

E-mail address *

NAC license *

All Numbers  below NAC, FAI ID & FAI License are displayed  on your license obtained from FAI

Example: POL 7762

Radio Frequency: *

Age category *


Example: 56894

Please note that 35 MHz iz NOT RECOMMENDED.  If you want to use 35 MHz please write at least two crystal sets numbers in „Notes”.

Notes if any:

I confirm, I will have Third-Party Insurance covering entire period of Competition and training. I am aware that I am responsible for all damages made to myself and/or any third person during training and Contest.

Items marked with asterisk (*) are required.

It is assumed that the Competitor, when sending notification to participate in the Contest, is giving allowance to the Organizer’s to publish his name and NAC/FAI License Number onto various lists (e.g. Starting List, Participants List, Results List).  Such lists will be published in Internet (on Organizer’s websites) and on the board at the Airfield. All other data like e-mail address will be not disclosed to anyone and will be used by Organizers exclusively for communication before and/or after the Contest. 

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych dla potrzeb niezbędnych do udziału w Zawodach, publikacji imienia i nazwiska i/lub numerów licencji na listach (np. Listach uczestników, listach startowych, listach wyników itp.) zarówno w internecie (na stronach organizatora) jak i na tablicach ogłoszeń w trakcie zawodów.  Żadne inne dane nie będą udostępniane osobom postronnym. Do ochrony danych osobowych stosuje się przepisy Ustawy z dn. 10 Maja 2018. (RODO). Uczestnik ma prawo wglądu do swoich danych oraz prawo do usunięcia tychże danych.

On successful submission you will be redirected to confirmation page. 

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